As Santa Fe College Vice President, Chuck is passionate about education; seeing recent high school graduates and adults of all ages embarking on journeys of learning to improve themselves and their futures. As a State Representative, Chuck has fought for increased education funding, expanded education options for students, and free speech protections on campus.


Chuck Clemons grew up on his family’s farm in High Springs. As the former State Director of Rural Development for the US Department of Agriculture, Chuck understands the importance of agriculture and what makes rural communities thrive. Chuck has taken a leadership role in the House of Representatives in Agriculture and in that role has worked to protect and grow Florida’s second largest industry.


With a background in finance, Chuck Clemons knows the best way to create jobs in the private sector is to create conditions that allows the American entrepreneurial spirit to flourish through less regulation and lower, fair taxation. Chuck has voted to reduce regulation and lower taxes so Florida can continue to be America’s top state for business growth.


As a young boy, Chuck learned to swim in Poe Springs He grew up enjoying the outdoors, particularly our springs and the Santa Fe River. Chuck Clemons has raised awareness and secured funding to conserve our natural environment and water resources.


Paid by Chuck Clemons, Republican, for State Representative, District 21.